Rock Identification

Rock Identification (ID) is a crucial skill in the scientific discipline of geology. By simply knowing the contents and makeup of rock, scientists can deduce the environment it was made in and can further understand the macroscopic processes that have shaped our Earth for over three billion years.

It’s a fascinating world that we at Magnify would like to open up to all passionate students. We aim to teach students the basics of rock identification and then have them apply it in a fun and interactive setting that will expand their curiosity. To achieve this, the Magnify team is developing a card game that involves rock ID as a fundamental game mechanic. By correctly identifying rocks, players can achieve objectives in the game. Bonus points can be earned in challenge ID’s, which involve using the LudusScope to identify rocks on microscope slides. This game will be the main way of opening up the beautiful world of geology to students, and will provide the fun and effective hands-on approach to learning.