3D Printer Engineering 

3D Printers and additive machines are the foundation of Project Magnify’s work. To facilitate our goal of educating youth with interactive science, products such as microscopes, micromanipulators, and educational devices that are normally quite costly can be printed at less than a fraction of the original price using 3D filament, so students can easily access near-professional equipment for just pennies. 

In addition to helping students with these affordable resources, we here at Project Magnify also deliver demonstrations on how to build, program, and troubleshoot 3D printers. Learning how to build a 3D printer hits all the crucial and most interesting aspects of interactive mechanical engineering – woodwork, metalwork, circuitry, electronics, and programming. Additionally, many 3D machines are manufactured specially for use in biochemical work and materials science, from developing hydrogels to microfluidic chips. We believe working with these machines shows students the full gamut of the thrilling world of science and technology, who would otherwise not have had the opportunity.