Semester Kickoff at Van Nuys Middle School

Thursday, January 25th marked the first day of Project Magnify’s semester-long program held at Van Nuys Middle School. With the help of Mr. Joshua Rosenthal, the STEM coordinator of VNMS, the Magnify team was able to start a 3D printing extracurricular program to give interested younger students engaging exposure to 3D printing technology, as well as to give soon-to-be high schoolers a head start in STEM fields.

From 3:30 to 5:30 every Thursday after school, Project Magnify at VNMS runs until May 31st. Starting out with building a Cartesian 3D printer, the Anet A8, completely from scratch, students will then learn to troubleshoot printers and software through February. Applications of 3D printing will be introduced starting March, through biology (the OpenFlexure microscope) and programming (Arduino-powered mini robots). The semester will conclude after additional lessons in prosthetics and biological 3D printing (bioprinting), and students will present their work at a family Science Night in June.

With the recent addition of new members Daniel Joo (11) and Joseph Koo (11), Project Magnify looks forward to continuing its program at VNMS in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for updates!