Project Magnify Spreads Throughout the Community

Because public recognition is so crucial to the expansion of our organization, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the news outlets and publications who have helped spread awareness of our project.

3D Printing Industry – November 27th, 2017

We are honored that 3D Printing Industry, another prominent magazine for news in the field of 3D printing, has given recognition to Project Magnify. One of Project Magnify’s co-founders, Hansub Kim, was contacted by a contributor to the magazine, and following an interview with several team members, the article documents many of the motivations behind our project, as well as a lot of the recent developments, such as our contact with the robotics department at Milken Community Schools.

Read the full article here.

All3DP – October 31st, 2017

The 3D printing news magazine, All3DP, published an article about Project Magnify. We found out about this article because many of our members frequently visit the website for updates on the growing field of 3D printing, and we were pleasantly surprised to find Project Magnify among their publications. This is especially meaningful to us, for not only is All3DP a prominent website of the 3D printing community, but because we had no prior knowledge of the article until it was published. Though the information was a little outdated (it focused on an event we held over the summer of this year), we are honored that our cause is continually gaining recognition, and are extremely grateful to All3DP for going out of their way to advocate for us, and all others who may have done the same.

Read the full article here.

LAUSD Daily – September 28th, 2017

Project Magnify was recognized by the official newsletter of the Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD Daily. LAUSD encompasses over 900 schools, including the school where our organization originated- North Hollywood High School. As part of the official newsletter, this article was distributed to all LAUSD schools, and since then we have had a great influx of interest from partner schools across the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Read the full article here.

Encino Newspaper – June 13th, 2017

Project Magnify Chief of Staff Ronen Lee, as the teen columnist of the Studio City Sherman Oaks Encino Newspaper, wrote an article about Project Magnify (see Student Publications), garnering awareness and publicity among the San Fernando Valley Community. Upon the release of Ronen’s publication, social media attention, as well as donations, have risen more than three-fold, and interest has seen a significant climb. Special thanks to Ronen and the editorial staff of the Studio City – Sherman Oaks – Encino Newspaper for supporting our cause!

Read the full article here.

This article will be continually updated.